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Andrés Manuel López Obrador

Trump’s Mexico Tariffs Are About White Nationalism, Not Trade

There’s nothing “uncontrollable” about people applying for asylum. All the U.S. has to do is meet its obligations under international law.

Laura Carlsen ·

'It Would Mean a Trade War': Mexico Warns of 'Disastrous' Consequences After Trump Tariff Threat

"This threat, taken to action, would be extremely serious, and Mexico will not stand with arms crossed."

Jake Johnson ·

Let's Be Clear, Says Mexico Environment Minister, 'Parasitic and Predatory Neoliberalism' to Blame for Climate Crisis

"Human beings are not responsible for global warming," said Secretary Víctor Manuel Toledo Manzur, but elite capitalists and industry powerbrokers are.

Jon Queally ·

Trump’s Dangerous, Dishonest Game on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Trump is the mean drunk at the family dinner, throwing his weight around, hurling insults and threats, while everyone cringes and hopes that his rage will subside, knowing that nothing good will come from a confrontation

Ruth Conniff ·

Fox News' '3 Mexican Countries' Gaffe Perfectly Sums Up Trump's Policies

For the Trump administration—much like Fox News—Central America is an extension of Mexico and immigrants fleeing Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are one and the same, as if we were, in fact, Mexicans

Gladys McCormick ·

Mexico Asked Spain to Apologize on 500th Anniversary of Colonial Invasion. Spain: 'No'

"Spain refusing to be held accountable for its violent conquest of Mexico is colonial denialism at its worst."

Eoin Higgins ·

10 Good Things About 2018

There is light at the end of the tunnel, and here are some rousing points of light from 2018, both domestic and international

Medea Benjamin ·

Why Argentina’s New Loans From the IMF Are Spurring Unrest and a Deepening Social and Economic Crisis

The IMF has a long history of strong-arming the direction of Argentina’s policies and economy.

Celina della Croce ·

AMLO Goes Full Throttle Against Neoliberalism—But What About NAFTA?

Mexico’s first left-wing president gave a fiery inaugural speech against neoliberalism in Mexico. But he barely mentioned NAFTA.

Manuel Pérez Rocha ·

A World That Is the Property of the 1%: Wall Street, Banks, and Angry Citizens

The inequality gap on a planet growing more extreme

Nomi Prins ·

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