Afghanistan War

Kenny Stancil, staff writer
Sgt. Bajun Mavalwalla, left, and his father Capt. Bajun Mavalwalla, posing for a photograph while both were deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. (Photo: Bajun Mavalwalla/Twitter)
"The forever war outlasting the NYT section on the forever war is a very forever war thing to happen."
Brett Wilkins, staff writer
Demonstrators protest the possible extradition of jailed WikiLeaks whistleblower Julian Assange from Britain to the U.S. on September 7, 2020 at Old Bailey court in London. (Photo Richard Baker/Getty Images)
A former warden at ADX Florence has described doing time in the Colorado prison...
Julia Conley, staff writer
Nearly 70 of the court's member states signed a statement in support of the ICC.


The empire staggers on. Obama sends more senseless troops to Iraq, revisionists proclaim the "courage" of those who trashed it, and W, accomplishing at least his mission of “replenishing the ol’ coffers,” is raking in millions with $175,000 speeches - including one to a homeless shelter - to people who seem to think he has something to say. David Jay really does. Lest we forget, his huge portraits of mangled veterans - "We need to see them because we created them" - are what Bush wrought.