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'Normal' is killing us.

Donald Trump is out of the White House. COVID-19 is fading, at least in wealthier nations. The world, they say, is returning to “normal.” That’s the narrative that the corporate media is selling. But there’s a problem: “normal” is destroying our planet, threatening our democracies, concentrating massive wealth in a tiny elite, and leaving billions of people without access to life-saving vaccines amid a deadly pandemic. Here at Common Dreams, we refuse to accept any of this as “normal.” Common Dreams just launched our Mid-Year Campaign to make sure we have the funding we need to keep the progressive, independent journalism of Common Dreams alive. Whatever you can afford—no amount is too large or too small—please donate today to support our nonprofit, people-powered journalism and help us meet our goal.

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We Must Do What Is Popular and Right, and Expand Medicare

We cannot come out of this national public health crisis only to retain the status quo—one that leaves at least 87 million uninsured or underinsured.

Pramila Jayapal ·

99% of People in Poor Countries Are Unvaccinated

Global herd immunity remains out of reach because of inequitable vaccine distribution.

Maria De Jesus ·

Ignoring Climate Goals, Biden Administration Greenlights Oil Drilling in Alaska

You cannot approve massive oil drilling projects if you want to swiftly reach net-zero emissions.

Derrick Z. Jackson ·

Biden Can Stop Over 4,000 People From Being Sent Back to Prison

If President Biden allows thousands of people to be sent back to federal prison, he would be presiding over the fastest expansion of the federal prison population in history.

Udi Ofer ·

How Biden's Nuclear Train-Wreck Helped Raisi Win Iranian Election

A restored JCPOA and the end of U.S. sanctions would have left the moderates in a stronger position, and set Iran's relations with the United States and its allies on a path of normalization.

Medea Benjamin ·

A Bipolar Nation in Danger of Destruction. We Can't Delay.

We’ve reached the “In Case of Emergency, Break Glass” moment.

Michael Winship ·

40 Years After the Pentagon Papers Decision, Press Freedom Still Threatened

The work of putting the Department of Justice fully and firmly on the side of press freedom is far from finished.

John Nichols ·

Berta Caceres's Murder Trial Will Test Biden's Central America Policy

The Biden administration says it wants to counter the corruption that’s driving displacement. Does that apply to U.S. allies in Honduras?

Laura Carlsen ·

Big Pharma Companies Have All the Power With Families Like Mine at Their Mercy

Why every member of Congress should support the Lower Drug Costs Now Act for affordable medicine.

Annemarie Gibson ·

How We Are Treated and the Feedback Loop of Our Dreams

One of the challenges with teaching young people about the problems in the world, and motivating them to work on solving them, is the discouragement (or worse) that so many feel about the possibilities for lasting positive change.

Zoe Weil ·

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