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The GOP's Way of Doing Things Was Given a Chance—and the Results Were Catastrophic

Their "Reaganism" sales pitch was effective, and we've now had 42 years of the so-called Reagan Revolution: It’s time to say out loud that it hasn't worked.

Thom Hartmann ·

Stop the Wars. Save the Planet

If humanity and much of life on Earth is to survive, we desperately need a climate revolution and a peace revolution.

H. Patricia Hynes ·

Without Stopping War, Extreme Hunger Will Continue to Increase

Wars and conflicts have pushed more than 139 million people in 24 countries into acute food insecurity.

Mario Lubetkin ·

Gunmaker Profits Soar as Bloody Massacres Proliferate

Gun supporters and expedient politicians who take NRA, firearms industry, and other military/industrial complex big donor money while expressing heartfelt prayers—are disingenuous, disgusting, and deserving of maximum shame.

F. Douglas Stephenson ·

Beyond Gun Control, We Need Hatred Control

The lone wolves out there, the lost souls, who have chosen to play real war in response to their own demons, might seek another course of action if they had fewer political and corporate role models.

Robert C. Koehler ·

Meanwhile, Back in Washington, and Somalia, and Syria, and Kenya, and ...

Most Americans appear to know far more of the activities of the Russian and Ukrainian militaries than they know about their own.

Tom Gallagher ·

The Deep Need to Organize for a Better World

Sadly enough, progressive ideas aren’t permeating our society anywhere near as quickly or defiantly as right-wing ones.

Beverly Gologorsky ·

The 200 So-Called 'Pro-Life' Republicans Who Voted to Let Babies Starve

Politicians who cry that they're "pro-life" are voting against feeding babies. Others look away while monopolies undercut food safety.

TiffanyAnn Goodson ·

Vote Out These Death-Dealing, NRA-Enthralled Republicans—Now

We’ve been at this point over and over again in America: will this be the one that punches through the wall of money the NRA and the weapons industry it fronts for wraps around Republicans?

Thom Hartmann ·

Letter to My Student Teachers on a Day of Yet Another School Mass Shooting in America

While some will call for greater discipline, more resource officers, and paying for "threat assessments," I will call for love and uplift you, the teachers in public pre-k-12 schools.

Lisa Arrastia ·

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