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A Missed Opportunity: Rights of Nature Removed From New Draft of Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework

This removal is not only a missed opportunity, but also hinders the framework's capacity to implement transformative change to regress rampant biodiversity loss as well as encourage systemic change that is desperately needed in our environmental crisis.

Rachel Bustamante ·

SOS: A Plea for Freedom From Misleading Media Narratives on Cuba

Since the beginning of protests in Cuba, the U.S. corporate media have been peddling false narratives and outright lies about the country.

Belén Fernández ·

Can the House Select Committee to Investigate January 6 Actually Help to Defend Democracy?

Will the entire process at least motivate and mobilize Democrats in and out of Congress to move forward from this trial to do the real political work of passing legislation, rebuilding the party from below, and building support for 2022 and 2024?

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

The Soldiers Who Resisted the First Gulf War Deserve Recognition

On International Conscientious Objectors' Day, let's honor the soldiers who led a mass exodus from the military during the first Gulf War 30 years ago.

Dan Park ·

'New Form' of Ice Cream 'Terrorism': How Ben & Jerry's Has Exposed Israel's Anti-BDS Strategy

Not only is the Palestinian struggle for freedom gaining global traction, but the pro-Israeli discourse is finally discovering its limitations.

Ramzy Baroud ·

Congress Needs to Force Biden to End the Yemen War

Activists say it's not enough to trust Biden's promises to end U.S. support for the war: Congress must compel him.

Sarah Lazare ·

A Direct Pathway to Cementing DACA Rights Is Through Legislation

Republicans are still attacking undocumented young people—including health care workers. Here’s how to protect them for good.

Sonali Kolhatkar ·

Europe's Flooding Shows Climate Solutions Must Be Driven by People-Power

It’s time to stop viewing people as victims of environmental breakdown, and start viewing them as an essential part of the solution.

Lesley Rankin ·

Let's Reinvent the US Military for Real National Defense

Ten ways to create a people's military.

William Astore ·

We're Still in a Health Crisis. It’s Called Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel pollution killed an average of one in five people, causing nearly 9 million deaths in 2018 alone.

Cara Cook ·

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