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Sunrise Responds to Biden's Budget

Today, in response to President Biden’s proposed budget, Sunrise Movement Executive Director, Varshini Prakash, released the following statement:

President Biden’s proposed budget – especially its investments in clean energy, jobs and an end to oil and gas subsidies – is the kind of thing young people in this country want to see ahead of 2024.

But President Biden has the power to act on climate and issues important to our generation without having to go through a Republican House. He can reject the Willow Project, which goes against his own agenda to stop the climate crisis, and can do everything in his executive authority, like declaring a Climate Emergency and invoking the Defense Production Act, to jumpstart our transition to clean energy.”

Young people across the country are outraged by the idea that the Willow Project could be approved, demonstrated in the over 650 million views on TikTok that have called for President Biden to stop the single largest oil and gas project proposed on US public lands. This is especially significant as the youth voting bloc is integral to a 2024 Democratic victory, and they are motivated by action on the climate crisis.

Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.