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National Voting Rights Organization: Let Election Workers Do Their Job

Common Cause and partners plan to ramp up 2024 election protection work

Today, Common Cause, a national, nonpartisan voting rights organization is urging all Americans to let election workers do their job in response to reports of election offices receiving threatening letters, some laced with fentanyl. The letters were sent to offices in California, Georgia, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington following the November 7 election.

As these new threats against election workers are revealed, Common Cause and a coalition of organizations are working to ramp up the largest and longest-running election protection program in advance of the 2024 elections. For three decades, Common Cause has mobilized a national, nonpartisan network of volunteers dedicated to ensuring every American can vote freely and safely.

The program has experts in the field to help address the historical and emerging threats to America’s system of voting and elections, including misinformation, disinformation, artificial intelligence, and political violence. In between elections, the organization and its 25 state offices work at the local, state, and national level to reform our system of voting so it is more accessible, equitable, and secure.

The following are statements from Common Cause and its state organizations:

“Election workers are our friends and neighbors who are doing the incredibly difficult work of ensuring our elections run smoothly and all eligible voters can vote—and Common Cause has their backs. Our top priority is making sure all Americans can vote in a safe election, and that our elections are free of threats of violence, intimidation, and harassment toward election workers, volunteers, candidates, and voters,” said Suzanne Almeida, Common Cause Director of State Operations.

“Attacks on these dedicated public servants do not make our elections more secure; they just make it harder for elections officials to do their jobs. Our election workers play a critical role in making sure the people can have a say in the issues that matter to us and our families—the economy, the environment, housing, and so much more. Election workers make sure our votes are counted fairly and accurately and help us send a message to our elected leaders about our priorities,” said Jonathan Mehta Stein, California Common Cause Executive Director.

“Disrupting election infrastructure and threatening the people in charge of making elections run smoothly hurts voters, elected officials, and candidates of all parties. That’s why those who spread lies about the 2020 election in Georgia are behind held accountable for their actions in a court of law. We expect those who sent threatening letters be met with the same level of accountability,” said Aunna Dennis, Common Cause Georgia Executive Director.

“Good people across the country will not stand for domestic terrorism. Common Cause and our allies are ramping up the largest, longest-running election protection program for 2024. We will make sure every voter can cast a ballot safely and our election workers can do their jobs without interference,” said Kate Titus, Executive Director of Common Cause Oregon.

Common Cause is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization dedicated to upholding the core values of American democracy. We work to create open, honest, and accountable government that serves the public interest; promote equal rights, opportunity, and representation for all; and empower all people to make their voices heard in the political process.

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