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Moderna's 'Deadly' Profits Show Public Funding Must Have Strings Attached


"History will not be kind to Moderna, whose scandalous profits are a direct result of the company’s refusal to share vaccine technology with the global south, even when it was clear that global shortages would be deadly. Millions of people around the world are now grieving the loss of family members, many of whom were unable to get a Covid-19 vaccine.

Moderna’s pandemic profiteering is even more shocking given that the US public-funded 100% of this vaccine’s development. Now the company is brazenly threatening to hike prices on its vaccine - but governments should refuse to be held to ransom. And well before the next pandemic, we must make sure that taxpayer money comes with conditions that put lives above profits."

—Tim Bierley, Pharma Campaigner, Global Justice Now

Global Justice Now is a democratic social justice organisation working as part of a global movement to challenge the powerful and create a more just and equal world. We mobilise people in the UK for change, and act in solidarity with those fighting injustice, particularly in the global south.

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