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JVP welcomes South Africa's win at the World Court, continues call for ceasefire

We welcome South Africa’s win in the World Court ordering Israel prevent all genocidal violence against Palestinians, we continue calls for an immediate ceasefir.


Today, the International Court of Justice issued a historic ruling finding South Africa’s claim that Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza to be plausible, and ordered that the Israeli government take all measures to prevent acts of genocide. Jewish Voice for Peace welcomes the ruling, and will continue demanding an immediate and lasting ceasefire and that the U.S. halt all weapons and military funding to the Israeli government.

The ICJ’s ruling represents a significant step towards ending the Israeli government’s genocidal campaign in Gaza — and we recognize that this is only the first step. Jewish Voice for Peace joins with thousands of anti-war groups across the world in committing to continue our work for a permanent ceasefire and an end to Israeli occupation, apartheid, and siege.

We thank South Africa for standing up to demand justice on the world stage, and working to protect the lives of Palestinians in Gaza. May we all continue working towards collective safety and liberation for all people.

Stefanie Fox, Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace:“The World Court interim ruling, led by South Africa, is a vital step towards saving and protecting Palestinian lives—and towards building a future grounded in justice. We don’t need courts to tell us genocide is a moral catastrophe, but we do need courts to impose accountability when our own government has so shamefully worked to abet, fund, arm and secure impunity for the Israeli government’s genocidal attack on Palestinians in Gaza. From here, the next step is clear: an immediate, permanent ceasefire. We’re not stopping until Palestinians, like everyone else, live in justice, safety and freedom.”

Beth Miller, Political Director of Jewish Voice for Peace:“For over 100 days, the Israeli and the U.S. governments have gaslit and smeared the Palestinian people, denying what the entire world was witnessing: a genocide. Now, the highest court in the world has found these claims plausible. President Biden has a choice to make: he can reject the entire system of international law and continue complicity in Israeli genocide, or he can stop arming a genocidal regime and stop attacking the people and movements struggling to build a more just and peaceful future.”

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