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Press Release

Six Sunrise NYC Activists Arrested at Schumer’s Office Demanding He Uphold His Climate + Infrastructure Commitments in Reconciliation, Pass a Bold CCC


Amidst President Biden’s compromise on a watered down, Exxon-sponsored infrastructure bill and fatal heat waves throughout the country, six young people with Sunrise Movement NYC were arrested outside Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s New York office today while holding the Majority Leader accountable to leading and passing a robust reconciliation package that will meet the scale, scope and urgency of the economic and climate crises we face. 

“Last night, in the middle of a heat emergency, New Yorkers were urged to turn their AC units off to save electricity. New Yorkers are constantly asked to make sacrifices while the corporations responsible keep their lights on. Young people have sacrificed our whole lives, and even this week, people across the country are dying because of the climate crisis. And on top of that, we’re coming out of a global pandemic with 10% of New Yorkers unemployed,” said Veekas Ashoka, activist with Sunrise Movement NYC. “We are in crisis and Senator Schumer knows it, and has the power to give us relief and resilience. Chuck, put your money where your mouth is: don’t let the Romney-Exxon infrastructure deal water down the full scope of action we need on climate in reconciliation, including the creation of millions of good jobs by fully funding the Civilian Climate Corps and by passing the Green New Deal for Public Housing – immediately. Be a hero. If you don’t deliver at least the $6 trillion reconciliation package you proposed, it is a death sentence for our generation.”

Today, Sunrise NYC delivered the following statement and demands to Senator Schumer:

As Senate Majority Leader, Senator Schumer has the power to push for the entirety of the infrastructure package Americans need through the reconciliation process. He’s been a vocal champion of THRIVE, which calls for $10 trillion investments towards a Green New Deal, and weeks ago announced a $6 trillion proposal alongside Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders. The GOP and conservative Dems are saying $6 trillion is not going to happen- but $6 trillion is already the compromise. Even your own bills have been seriously defunded in the bipartisan infrastructure, including your Clean Transit for America plan and Clean Cars for America plan.

That’s why we’re telling Schumer – put your money where your mouth is! Use your power, uphold your commitments, and fight for New York’s needs in the infrastructure bill:

  1. Fully fund the Civilian Climate Corps: a fully-funded CCC would create 1.5 million good, union jobs over five years so that all of us can get to work reversing the climate crisis

  2. Fully fund a Green New Deal for Public Housing: a fully-funded GND4PH would create 240,000 new jobs per year to build safe and clean housing for millions of the most vulnerable people in the US and prioritize the people who live in public housing for those jobs

    1. Right now, following a global pandemic, millions of Americans are still out of work. 10% of New Yorkers are still unemployed. A GND for Public Housing would create 240k jobs per year, including 33,000 jobs a year for New Yorkers to upgrade and retrofit NYCHA.

  3. Pass the boldest budget resolution to tackle our climate and economic crises as soon as possible, and pass a robust infrastructure package through reconciliation by August recess.


Sunrise Movement is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process.

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