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Accountable Senate War Room to Leader Schumer: Stop Waiting, Put Organizing Resolution on Senate Floor NOW

Accountable.US president to Leader Schumer: "Voters put you in charge of the Senate, you don’t need to wait for permission to grab the reins and take control."


Today, Accountable.US' Senate War Room released the following statement from Accountable.US president Kyle Herrig calling on Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to put the Senate organizing resolution on the floor for an immediate vote and to stop allowing Senate Republicans to continue their damaging delay of President Biden's nominees and legislative agenda. Without an organizing resolution in place, Senate committees are unable to move forward with the typical speedy hearings and confirmations of critical positions in the new Biden administration.

"The American people sent Democrats to the Senate to clean up Trump's messes and make progress on so many critical issues facing our country, and it's absolutely absurd that Senate Republicans are rejecting that and refusing to even allow the Senate to begin its work with a new majority," said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US.

"Now that it's clear that Republicans are intent on obstructing even the simple handover of Senate committee control, we call on Majority Leader Schumer to bring the organizing resolution to the Senate floor immediately, call an immediate up-or-down vote, and not allow Senate Republicans to block the majority from moving forward with the work the American people are expecting. Right now hearings are getting delayed, nominees aren't being moved as quickly as they need to be, and people across the country are paying the price for the Senate's continued gridlock and dysfunction. Leader Schumer: Voters put you in charge of the Senate, you don't need to wait for permission to grab the reins and take control."

Delayed Confirmation Of Biden Nominees Threaten COVID Response, National Security

NBC News: Regarding Becerra's Confirmation, "A Delay Could Complicate Biden's COVID-19 Response." "While Democrats remain confident that Becerra's confirmation is not in any real danger, a delay could complicate Biden's Covid-19 response." [NBC News, 12/28/20]

CNN: "Biden inheriting nonexistent coronavirus vaccine distribution plan and must start 'from scratch,' sources say." [CNN, 1/21/21]

Former HHS Secretary Donna Shalala: "Any Delay [In Confirmation] Delays COVID." "Although Biden has created his own task force to address the pandemic, the White House lacks many of the powers of the HHS secretary--including the authority to implement its own recommendations, said Donna Shalala, who served as HHS secretary under President Bill Clinton for eight years. 'Any delay [in confirmation] delays COVID, despite a strong White House coordination," Shalala said, "because you've got to get the agencies in sync and you can't do that from the White House.'" [Lake County Record-Bee, 12/9/20]

Former HHS Secretary Sebelius Said Mounting A Pandemic Response Without A Secretary Would Be Challenging - "We Can't Screw Around With This." "Sebelius was sworn in as HHS secretary in late April, two days after the Obama administration declared H1N1 a public health emergency. It would be hard to mount a pandemic response without a secretary, she said. 'That pressure falls on Congress," Sebelius said. "There's just a sense we can't screw around with this.'" [Kaiser Health News, 12/9/20]

Associated Press: There Were "Diplomatic, Military, And Intelligence Problems Around The World That May Create Challenges Early" In Biden's Presidency, Underscoring Need For His National Security Team To Be Put In Place Quickly. "Putting his national security team in place quickly is a high priority for Biden, not only because of his hopes for reversing or modifying Trump administration policy shifts but also because of diplomatic, military and intelligence problems around the world that may create challenges early in his tenure." [Associated Press, 1/19/21]

Washington Post: Delayed Confirmation Hearings For Biden's Cabinet Could "Force The Incoming Administration To Confront A...Massive Russian Cyber Intrusion" Without A Secretary Of State. "Delayed confirmation hearings could force the incoming administration to confront a raging pandemic without a health secretary, a ravaged economy without a treasury secretary, a massive Russian cyber intrusion without secretaries to helm the Pentagon or State Department, and a wave of emboldened white nationalism without an attorney general or homeland security secretary." [Washington Post, 1/18/21]

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