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Latest Bolton Revelations Hammer Home Need for Impeachment Trial Witnesses

Statement of Karen Hobert Flynn, President of Common Cause


Americans expect and deserve to hear from witnesses in Donald Trump's impeachment Trial. The latest revelations that former Trump national security advisor John Bolton can provide direct evidence to expose President Trump's lies about withholding critical military aide to Ukraine hammer home the need for the Senate to call witnesses. These new details add to a growing mountain of evidence that the President withheld the aide for his personal political gain, lied about it, and had his entire administration stonewall in an attempt to cover it up.

Americans deserve the truth and the Senate must call Ambassador Bolton and other firsthand witnesses to testify under oath at the impeachment trial. In poll after poll, and by overwhelming majorities, Americans have made very clear that they want to hear from these witnesses in the impeachment trial. Republicans in the United States Senate face a choice of whether or not to participate in a shameful White House coverup of President Trump's disgraceful abuse of the powers of his office. Their votes will impact much more than their polling numbers or their next election. It has become abundantly clear that a vote to aid and abet in the commission of high crimes and misdemeanors will forever tarnish their reputations. History will not be kind to those Republican Senators who choose to put their political party before their oaths of office and their duty to our nation.

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