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Brett Abrams,

Brett Kavanaugh has Already Lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Multiple Occasions; Why Should We Believe Him Now?

BREAKING in today's Washington Post:


BREAKING in today's Washington Post: Brett Kavanaugh's answers to the Senate Judiciary Committee "warrant heavy skepticism" and are "not accurate."

So that begs the question, if Brett Kavanaugh has already lied to the Senate once, why should we believe his denials of Dr. Blasey Ford's accusations now?

Washington Post Fact Checker on Kavanaugh's claims that he did not have anything to do with emails stolen from Democrats:

Kavanaugh has maintained since 2004 that he had no inkling he was privy to stolen information. Our review of all the records and testimony on this issue shows that Kavanaugh's repeated pleas of ignorance warrant heavy skepticism...

In any case, Kavanaugh's response to Leahy this month -- describing all this as "the usual kinds of discussions that would happen" -- is not accurate. Neither was his answer to written questions in 2004: "These meetings, calls, and emails were typical of how judicial confirmations have been handled in past Administrations." Neither was his response to Durbin at the 2004 hearing: "There was nothing out of the ordinary of what Senate staffs would tell us or what we would hear from our legislative affairs folks."

Yesterday, UltraViolet founder Shaunna Thomas put out the following statement on Brett Kavanaugh's trouble with the truth:

"Dr. Blasey Ford has zero to gain from lying and everything to lose. Brett Kavanaugh on the other hand has a repeated and well documented history of lying to and misleading the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"It is hardly a surprise that the same Republicans who came running back to Donald Trump after nearly two dozen women accused him of sexual assault and harassment are now rushing to Brett Kavanaugh's defense.

"Let's be clear, there is zero reason to believe Brett Kavanaugh is telling the truth or that Republicans are good faith actors here. We stand with Dr. Blasey Ford. We believe women. And Republicans are doing nothing but showing their true colors. Women from coast to coast will remember this come November."

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