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House Appropriations Committee's New Energy/Water Funding Bill is a Recipe for Disaster

Bill being marked up today would expand fossil fuel programs, slash efficiency and renewables programs, and weaken clean water protections.


Today the House Appropriations Committee will begin marking up a fiscal year 2019 appropriations bill related to national energy and water infrastructure. As currently written, the bill would: increase funding for fossil fuel technology development by $58 million; increase nuclear energy funding by $128 million; decrease energy efficiency and renewable energy program funding by $243 million; and significantly weaken application of the Clean Water Act. In response, Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter issued the following statement:

"By examining this spending plan, one gains a clear view of Republicans' intentions for our future: to deepen our dependence on filthy, polluting fossil fuels so irresponsible corporations can profit, and weaken existing protections against toxic water contamination in communities across the country - again in the name of more profits for polluters. This spending plan is a recipe for disaster - climate disaster, environmental disaster and public health disaster. We'll be working hard to see that this bill and others with similar, foolish priorities are stopped before they get started."

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