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Contact: Lindsay Meiman,Senior U.S. Communications Specialist,,,+1 347 460 9082,New York, USA on Senate vote to move forward Trump's Tax Plan: "A Shameful Giveaway to Big Oil and Billionaires"


In response to the Senate vote in favor of the Trump tax plan, Executive Director May Boeve gave the following statement:

"Corporate lackey Senators are literally paying the fossil fuel industry to wreck our climate. With climate disasters punishing American cities at an increasingly devastating rate and with the gulf between Wall Street and Main Street widening, Senators voted today to give Big Oil and billionaires a massive tax windfall. In the process, their tax plan would blow a $1.5 trillion hole in the budget - roughly the cost of the Iraq War to date. To pay for this treachery, Trump and Congress want to raise taxes on working families and open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the ancient homeland of the Gwich'in Alaska Native people, to drilling. This bill is a shameful giveaway to to the donor class and a cold-hearted sellout of the climate, Indigenous people and the public. Generations will look back at this moment with deep remorse. But this dirty deal is not law just yet. We will continue to fight this callous agenda from the grassroots to the beltway."

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