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Supreme Court Has a Chance to Restore Voting Power to People Once and For All

 "Too many Americans have had the key to their power—their votes—stolen by the very system that was instituted to secure their rights."


This morning, following the US Supreme Court's decision to hear a case with the potential to end hyper-partisan gerrymandering, Chair of the Patriotic Millionaires Morris Pearl, former managing director at BlackRock Inc., issued the following statement:

"We are hopeful that the decision to hear this case will be the first step in addressing the partisan gerrymandering that is currently shaping the House of Representatives as well as state legislatures across the country. Partisan gerrymandering has distorted our political system and disenfranchised voters for far too long. It is time for the Supreme Court to declare that it is wrong when a majority of the voters in a state favor one set of policies, but partisan district boundaries mean that a majority of their representatives are opposed to those policies. Too many Americans have had the key to their power--their votes--stolen by the very system that was instituted to secure their rights."

The Supreme Court has an unprecedented opportunity to return control of Congress to the American people.

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The Patriotic Millionaires is a group of high-net worth Americans who share a profound concern about the destabilizing level of inequality in America. Our work centers on the two things that matter most in a capitalist democracy: power and money. Our goal is to ensure that the country's political economy is structured to meet the needs of regular Americans, rather than just millionaires. We focus on three "first" principles: a highly progressive tax system, a livable minimum wage, and equal political representation for all citizens.

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