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No Surprise that Majority of Americans Are Opposed to Dangerous Fracking

"Obama and Presidential Candidates Should Catch Up with the Will of the People"


"Today's poll showing a majority of Americans are opposed to fracking comes as no surprise. The many inherent dangers associated with the extreme drilling method - from water contamination and human health impacts to earthquakes, explosions and climate change - are well documented. Even with the oil and gas industry spending untold sums of money trying to convince Americans that fracking is safe, the disturbing truth resonates. As today's poll clearly indicates, the more people hear about fracking, the more they oppose it.

"State leaders are certainly paying attention. New York banned fracking years ago, and the Florida legislature recently rejected a bill that would have opened the state to the process. Momentum in the anti-fracking movement is overwhelming. President Obama and any candidate seeking to replace him would be wise to catch up with the will of the people. They can start by calling for a halt on new fracking and an immediate transition to a 100% clean, renewable energy future."

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