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OUR Walmart Fasters To Bring Protest To Clinton HQ Today

On Wednesday, Walmart workers will bring their Fast for 15 protest to Hillary Clinton's campaign HQ in Brooklyn.


On Wednesday, Walmart workers will bring their Fast for 15 protest to Hillary Clinton's campaign HQ in Brooklyn.

The OUR Walmart demonstrations that have been happening all week in New York are drawing attention to the income inequality that has become the trademark of the nation's largest and most profitable corporate employer, and the injustice and instability for Walmart workers struggling to provide basic necessities like food for their families.

OUR Walmart is calling on Hillary Clinton to support the call for $15 and full time at the company.

The faster's message is clear: while Walmart employees can barely put food on the table this Thanksgiving, Walmart continues to thrive as the largest supplier of groceries in the nation. And anyone who wants to serve as President must understand that Walmart's low wage business model is having an impact on the entire economy and getting an economy that works for main street requires Walmart to lead on wages and hours.

Clinton was a Walmart Board Member for six years, and was reportedly paid $18,000 annually in addition to $1,500 for each meeting she attended as a board member.

Last week, OUR Walmart sent a letter to all the Democratic candidates asking them to address the issue in their debate last week. Clinton refused to do so.

"I was recently fired for my activism after working at Walmart for five years but I am fasting to try and improve the working conditions and wages for all of my friends still working at the store," said Tyfani Faulkner, a former Walmart customer service manager in Sacramento, CA. "I am going to Hillary Clinton's office to demand that she speak up for me, for my daughter and for the tens of thousands of Walmart workers across this country working and living in poverty. One of the things I remember most from working at Walmart, was my friends and I emptying our pockets to scrape together one meal we all could share for lunch. This should not be happening in America. We need a champion in the White House and we're going to Hillary's office to demand that she take up our cause."

OUR Walmart, the worker-led organization which has already won significant victories - including a wage increase for 500,000 Walmart workers - announced last week that over 1,400 people, including hundreds of Walmart workers, have each committed to a "liquids-only diet" as they fast for 1 to 15 days. Workers decided that they would fast to bring immediate attention to all of the Walmart employees who go hungry every day because of low wages and hours. More than twenty-two partner organizations are supporting their efforts nationwide including CREDO Action, local Jobs with Justice chapters, ROC United and Demos.

If you would like to attend or interview a Walmart worker, please contact

OUR Walmart works to ensure that every Associate, regardless of his or her title, age, race, or sex, is respected at Walmart. We join together to offer strength and support in addressing the challenges that arise in our stores and our company everyday.