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A Global Call for Sharing Wealth, Power and Resources

STWR has launched a new campaign in order to catalyse a broader public debate on the need to strengthen and scale up diverse forms of economic sharing at the local, national and global level.

LONDON - As explained in STWR’s latest report Sharing as our common cause, the principle of sharing is already central to diverse calls for social justice, environmental stewardship, global peace and true democracy. Whether expressed in implicit or explicit terms, all of these urgent demands relate to the need for a fairer sharing of wealth, power or resources throughout our societies.

STWR’s ‘global call for sharing’ campaign therefore aims to build upon this recognition among activists and the wider public, and promote the role that a call for sharing can play in connecting civil society organisations and social movements under a united call for change.

To help achieve the campaign’s overall goals, individuals and organisations are encouraged to support a sign-on statement on STWR’s website and demonstrate their support for the principle of sharing in relation to their work and campaigning activities. The statement is available in multiple languages, and support for the initiative will be highlighted in our communications and represented on the website over the coming months.

Why support a global call for sharing?

In demonstrating how a call for sharing is already a fundamental demand of innumerable activists, progressive thinkers and civil society campaigners, STWR's campaign report outlines the many reasons why we should recognise and support this (often unacknowledged) call in its diverse forms. In short, the principle of sharing represents a valuable advocacy and educational tool that can help to bring together diverse social movements under a common theme and vision, as well as help to generate widespread public engagement with urgent causes and popular mobilisations.

The report argues that only a collective demand for a fairer sharing of wealth, power and resources is likely to unify citizens across the world in a common cause. Unless individuals and organisations in different countries align their efforts in more concrete ways - a process that is already underway - it may remain impossible to overcome the vested interests and entrenched structures that maintain business-as-usual.

Further recommendations are given for how we can build upon this recognition and play a part in creating a united, all-inclusive and worldwide movement for sharing. This includes a proposal to build persuasive frames around the need for greater sharing in our societies from the perspective of justice, sustainability, peace and democracy. There is even scope for individuals and groups to mobilise for transformational change on collective platforms for sharing that bring together several campaign issues that may otherwise remain distinct and unconnected.

A dramatic shift in public debate is clearly needed if the principle of sharing is to be understood as integral to any agenda for transformative systemic change. In this light, STWR’s sign-on statement is an initial attempt to influence public opinion around the need for a global movement of citizens who embrace sharing as a common cause. By joining the global call, any individual or organisation can influence the development of this emerging theme and vision, and help spark public awareness and a wider debate on the importance of sharing in economic and political terms.


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STWR is an independent civil society organisation campaigning for a fairer sharing of wealth, power and resources within and between nations. Through our research and activities, we make a case for implementing economic sharing as a pragmatic solution to a broad range of interconnected crises that governments are currently failing to address – including hunger, poverty, climate change, environmental destruction and conflict over the world’s natural resources.

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