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Maru Villalpando

Grassroots Immigrant Organizations Plan Concert at Tacoma Detention Center on Friday, Call for Community to Rally at NW Detention Center On Day of President's Immigration Announcement

With Many Anticipating Potential Executive Action by the President, Local Immigrant Rights Groups Get Ready to React, Press Ahead


On Thursday

Undocumented Leaders and Allies Gather to Watch President's Obama Announcement on Immigration Executive Action at La Colectiva Legal del Pueblo - 14249 Ambaum Blvd SW, Suite R Burien, WA 98166

On Friday


Press Conference at Tacoma Detention Center -1623 E J St Tacoma WA

"Chant Down Walls" Protest Concert at Tacoma Detention Center to Celebrate our Victory of Pushing President to Announce Relief and Commitment to Continue Fighting to Include those Left Behind


Community Forum at La Colectiva Legal del Pueblo - 14249 Ambaum Blvd SW, Suite R Burien, WA 98166

As anticipation of potential executive action by President Obama grows, local immigrant rights groups and leaders in the national #Not1More campaign, NWDC Resistance and other immigrant led grassroots organizations, are planning a concert on Friday at the Tacoma Detention Center and to host community reaction as soon as the announcement happens.

On Friday the 21st, local organizations as well as other cities across the country, will replicate a weekly concert series that started at the detention center in Los Angeles with protest concerts at ICE offices and holding facilities across the country.

Friday community leaders and members who will be directly helped or harmed by the President's decision will be available for immediate reaction at NW Detention Center in Tacoma. Later in the day, NWDC Resistance is issuing an alert to community members to assemble at Colectiva Legal del Pueblo in Burien to review the content of the announcement and discuss their reaction the day of the announcement.

Since April of 2013, the #Not1More campaign has worked to stop individual deportations, pass local legislation to limit involvement in removal efforts, and organized dramatic civil disobediences and mobilizations to pressure the President to act. NWDC Resistance has maintained strong support to the detainees organizing hunger strikes at NW Detention Center in Tacoma calling attention to detention conditions and for a stop to deportations.

A map of grassroots response nation-wide is available at

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