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Norway: Behind the Terrorism


ALI GHARIB, agharib at
Gharib is a national security reporter for Think Progress. He wrote "Suspect in Custody for Norwegian Terror Attacks Allegedly an Anti-Islam Right-wing Extremist" and co-wrote "Right-wing Pundits Jumped to Blame Muslims and 'Jihadists' for Norway Attacks." He cites Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post, Michelle Malkin, Andrew Breitbart, the Wall Street Journal and Erick Erickson as journalists and outlets that jumped to pin the attacks on Muslims.

VIJAY PRASHAD, Vijay.Prashad at
Author of The Darker Nations: A People's History of the Third World, Prashad is chair of South Asian History and director of International Studies at Trinity College, Hartford, Conn. He just wrote the piece "Palestine's Norwegians: Marxist-Multiculturalists for BDS" in which he says: "The press might be obsessed by their 'lone gun-man' theory. They see things in the police's terms, which is to say, in terms of who actually acted, and who provided material support for the action. The action in Utoya was not the act of a madman, and it was not a human tragedy. It was an act of political murder against people who had committed themselves to a convivial world not only for their beloved Norway, but also for those who live under Occupation elsewhere."

ALI ABUNIMAH, aliabunimah at
Abunimah is co-founder of the Electronic Intifada website and author of the book One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse. He recently wrote the piece "Norway Suspect Laid Out Detailed Plans for Violence Against 'Traitors,' Muslims."

DEVIN BURGHART, dburghart at
Burghart is vice president of the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights and just wrote the piece "Norway Terror Suspect Described as Far-Right Nationalist Islamophobe."

Burghart was among the first to point out the shooter's apparent admiration for "the Tea Party's favorite Islamophobe, Pam Geller."

Burghart has toured Norway on speaking and fact-finding missions about the far-right and has shared a byline with the noted Norwegian writer Stieg Larsson (who died in 2004).

Background: Chip Berlet has written a number of pieces on Talk to Action, including "Breivik's Core Thesis Is White Christian Nationalism v. Multiculturalism."

Alex Kane wrote "The Norway Massacre and the Nexus of Islamophobia and Right-wing Zionism."

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