Kucinich Statement on ‘Collateral Damage’ in Afghanistan

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Kucinich Statement on ‘Collateral Damage’ in Afghanistan

Afghan Officials Allege 65 Killed, Including Innocent Women and Children

WASHINGTON - Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement after reports that NATO airstrikes on Taliban insurgents last week left many potentially innocent civilians dead:

“We see more evidence that the occupation of Afghanistan is fueling an insurgency every time American and NATO actions result in the deaths of civilians and the destruction of the lives of innocent people.

“The death of innocents are reported as a number in a newspaper. But for those who live in Afghanistan and who have been touched by the violence, their lives are irrevocably altered.

“We must not become complacent or believe that any innocent civilian deaths are acceptable when labeled as collateral damage. In fact, no innocent civilian deaths are acceptable, especially to the families of those killed. We must end this war and bring our troops home,” said Kucinich.


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