ACLU Praises Youth PROMISE Act Video

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ACLU Praises Youth PROMISE Act Video

WASHINGTON - The American Civil Liberties Union today praised a new public
education tool produced as part of an effort to gain attention and
increase congressional support for a bipartisan bill to combat youth
violence. The video, which Congressman Robert "Bobby" Scott (D-VA) will
premiere tonight, includes appearances by actress Robin Wright, CEO
Russell Simmons, television personality Star Jones, Mayor of Newark, NJ
Corey Booker and NFL player Troy Vincent. The video's premiere tonight
will be attended by members of Congress, as well as Wright and Vincent.  

The bill, the Youth Prison, Reduction through Opportunities,
Mentoring, Intervention, Support and Education Act, known as "Youth
PROMISE," is sponsored by Representative Scott (D-VA) and would fund
prevention and intervention programs that are comprehensive,
community-centered and evidence-based efforts to combat gangs and youth
violence. Though in the Senate the Youth PROMISE Act is still awaiting
committee action, the bill was passed by the House Judiciary Committee
in December and is awaiting a floor vote by the full House.

The video will premiere at 6 p.m. EDT at the U.S. Capitol Visitor
Center in Washington, D.C.

The following can be attributed to Jennifer
Bellamy, ACLU Legislative Counsel:


"We need a smarter approach to the complex problem of youth crime
and the Youth PROMISE Act will go a long way to help reduce juvenile
crime by encouraging early intervention and mentoring. We hope that this
video will spread the word about this bill and help it garner the
support it needs to become law. There are fiscal and social
ramifications of continuing to overzealously imprison our at-risk youth
that we simply cannot afford. Congress should move swiftly to pass the
Youth PROMISE Act."
To read the ACLU's letter of support for the Youth PROMISE Act,
go to:


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