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Anit-War Movement Turns Up the Heat

Putting Martin Luther King's Words into Action

WASHINGTON - PDA is launching a venture called Brown Bag Lunch Vigils
(BBLVs), an outgrowth of its "Healthcare NOT Warfare" campaign, in
honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. to raise awareness among the public
and our elected officials that the electorate is not being served by
current U.S. policies." Dr. King's vision of social justice required
him to take a stand that was enormously controversial even among his
supporters: resolute opposition to the Vietnam war, which he understood
guaranteed that money would not be available to undertake making the
promise of real equal opportunity an actuality.

Democrats of America (PDA) has made the same link between our
misbegotten military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan, which aren't
enhancing but are undermining our national security and at the same
time draining funds from the economy which are desperately needed for
crucial elements of the progressive agenda.

BBLV campaign is calling on [PDA] members, and like-minded individuals
and organizations, to gather on the third Wednesday of every month in
front of--and in--congressional offices in districts across the
country. We’re asking you to spend your lunch hour exercising your
First Amendment Rights by holding vigils, rallies, meetings with aides
and representatives, pickets, and demonstrations that will serve to
educate our elected officials, the public, and the press about the
human and financial costs of war and militarism.

PDA and our allies call on President Obama and Congress to support HR
2404, calling for an exit strategy from Afghanistan; HR 3699,
prohibiting any increase in the number of U.S. Armed Forces in
Afghanistan, and to establish improved and expanded Medicare for All to
residents of the United States. We cannot let them forget that we are
watching and waiting for the next election.

vigils and pickets are already planned in more than 20 congressional
districts, including the following: AZ-3, AZ-5, CA-6, CA-22, CA-23,
CA-48, FL-10, FL-17, MA-2, MI-9, OH-13, OH-17, PA-7, WA-2, WA-6, WI-3,
WI-7. More details are available about each location online.



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