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Equality California's Geoff Kors Issues Statement on Prop. 8 Trial

Equality California filed an amicus brief supporting the federal challenge of Proposition 8


California (EQCA) Executive Director Geoff Kors issued the following
statement as the trial on the federal lawsuit challenging Proposition 8
begins today.

we are reminded of the devastation Prop. 8 has inflicted upon same-sex
couples and their families. Anti-gay extremists targeted a minority
group, stripped away a precious freedom and relegated lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender Americans to second-class status with a
divisive agenda built on fear mongering and a blatant disregard for the

"But we are also hopeful that the
court will fulfill its moral mission to shield minorities from tyranny
and to uphold the indispensable protections enshrined in the U.S.
Constitution designed to safeguard all persons equally."

time has come for elected leaders to empower all Americans, regardless
of sexual orientation or gender identity. Once again, we call on the
Obama administration to join Equality California and others in urging
the federal courts to strike down this grossly unjust law. In doing so,
we will bring our nation one step closer to realizing its promise of
equality for all. Our country's bedrock principles of democracy and
freedom are at stake."

sign Equality California's petition urging the Obama administration to
join the federal challenge opposing Prop. 8, click here:

To read Equality California's amicus brief supporting the federal challenge to Prop. 8, click here:

Equality California is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots-based, statewide advocacy organization whose mission is to achieve equality and civil rights for all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) Californians.