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PDA Protests For-Profit Healthcare in Greensboro, NC


Following its successful town hall meeting
with Rep. John Conyers in Northampton, MA, last week, PDA is moving
south to sponsor a rally in support of the single-payer solution
outside the White House Regional Health Forum tomorrow, March 31, in
Greensboro, NC.

The rally will begin
at 9 a.m. outside the North Carolina A&T Alumni Foundation Event
Center, 200 N. Benbow Road, in Greensboro.

The purposes of the rally are to demonstrate to the White House the
broad public support (including 59% of doctors) for the single-payer
solution to America's healthcare crisis and to make sure that
single-payer is given a fair hearing by the Obama administration's
healthcare policy task force and by Congress.

"Health costs are now the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in this
country and a limiting factor in U.S. business competitiveness," said
Tim Carpenter, PDA's executive director. "Every other developed country
in the world has a national healthcare program because, like Medicare
here, they cost less in overhead and provide more services.
Nevertheless, the U.S. government insists on supporting the for-profit
insurance approach to healthcare largely because well financed
lobbyists from the private insurance companies exert a great deal of
influence. We're determined to break that cycle."

PDA, along with more than 70 co-sponsors in the House, supports Conyers' HR 676
to create a national single-payer system that would guarantee care for
all while reining in the spiraling cost of healthcare in the U.S.

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