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Obama and Iran

Diplomats and scholars encourage Obama to invest in change instead of regime change


Washington this past week the National Iranian American Council held a
special presentation to the US Senate in hopes of conveying to the new
Obama administration the need for a long term strategy for the
stabilization of Iran within the Middle East. This recommendation is
in direct conflict with the current Bush administrations band aid
approach of regime change.

Joseph Cirincione, the president of Ploughshares Fund proposes that
Obama should "clarify intentions, (that he) should make clear that the
United States has no intentions of over throwing the regime in Iran".

He continued to comment on the importance of stabilization through long
term action by stating "I believe the best way to seek regime change in
Iran is to not seek regime change."

Farideh Farhi of the University of Hawaii echoes the need for
stabilization and discusses Iran's internal governmental struggles.
Referencing the state of parliament in Iran which within the past two
weeks alone has seen fighting and impeachment, she says "even within
in the power structure there is tremendous conflict and competition".
With so many different factions and points of view she questions how
people think these problems will be resolved, stating "what do people
expect, that these factions will just go home and suddenly elect a new
leader and everything will be wonderful."

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