Indivisible endorsed seven congressional candidates on November 8, 2021. (Image: Indivisible/Twitter)

Indivisible Announces First 2022 Endorsements to Boost Power of Democrats' Left Flank

"Sen. Joe Manchin said, 'If we wanted liberal policies, we should elect more liberals,' and that's exactly what this program will do."

Indivisible on Monday launched a national endorsement program "dedicated to protecting and expanding the number of progressives in public office," and began by formally backing seven candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives, including three current members.

"So much is at stake and these are the candidates who will help deliver real progressive change."

Exactly a year away from the 2022 midterm elections, the group endorsed Democratic Reps. Pramila Jayapal, who chairs the Congressional Progressive Caucus and represents Washington's 7th District; Ilhan Omar of Minnesota's 5th District; and Mondaire Jones of New York's 17th District.

The other four candidates are all also running as Democrats: Jessica Cisneros of Texas' 28th District; Odessa Kelly of Tennessee's 5th District; Kina Collins of Illinois' 7th District; and Melanie D'Arrigo of New York's 3rd District.

"Since our start, our grassroots network has shown that people power can and does influence policy and win elections," said Lucy Solomon, Indivisible's national political director, in a statement. "Primaries are the best opportunity to debate competing visions for our country, and we know they determine the future of our party."

"That's why we're continuing our endorsements program--because so much is at stake and these are the candidates who will help deliver real progressive change," she added.

Solomon also pointed to when Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)--a fossil fuel industry-backed lawmaker who in recent months has been a barrier to advancing President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party's agenda--suggested in September that if voters want more progressive representation in Congress, they should elect such candidates.

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"I've never been a liberal in any way," Manchin said at the time, as Democrats and the White House debated the details of the Build Back Better budget reconciliation package. "All we need to do I guess for them to get theirs... is elect more liberals."

As Solomon put it: "During the budget negotiations, Sen. Joe Manchin said, 'If we wanted liberal policies, we should elect more liberals,' and that's exactly what this program will do."

Indivisible detailed its support for the initial slate of candidates in a series of tweets Monday. Responding on the platform, Cisneros said that "we're building on the coalition that supported our campaign last cycle!"

Expressing her excitement for Indivisible's support, the Texan--who narrowly lost a primary race in 2020--added that "they're backing our campaign because they know #TX28 families are ready for change and true representation in Congress."

"Indivisible is an organizing powerhouse, and as a lifelong organizer myself, I'm honored to have their support in this race," said Collins. "Indivisible knows firsthand what it means to hold leaders accountable to the people they're elected to serve, and I couldn't think of a better partner for our campaign."

D'Arrigo said she was "proud" to receive the group's support, adding: "We can guarantee healthcare for every American, take bold action to save our planet, protect our democracy, [the] right to vote, and our reproductive rights. These are policy choices that we must choose to make."

Kelly similarly said that she was "so proud" to have Indivisible's endorsement. "Together, we're gonna fight to build a multiracial democracy that works for everyone--not just my opponent's corporate donors," she tweeted. "Our grassroots, people-powered movement is ready to bring real representation back to TN!"

"The progressive voting bloc in Congress has demonstrated its power in fighting for Biden's Build Back Agenda, and Indivisible is committed to growing its ranks next year," said Ezra Levin, co-executive director of Indivisible.

"Every endorsed Indivisible candidate is vetted by our local groups and national team," he added. "These are the fighters in Congress we need, and we'll work hand-in-glove with local Indivisible leaders and members to make sure they are a powerful part of a Democratic majority in the 118th Congress."

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