Pro-choice rally near Justice Kavanaugh home

Abortion rights activists march to the house of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in Chevy Chase, Maryland, on September 13, 2021, following the court's decision to uphold a stringent abortion law in Texas (Photo: Nicholas Kamm / AFP via Getty Images)

'Reproductive Freedom' Defenders Demonstrate Outside Brett Kavanaugh's House

"Make no mistake, what's happening to reproductive justice and abortion rights is far bigger than one person. But Kavanaugh is playing a key role."

A group of pro-choice activists directed outrage Monday at Supreme Justice Brett Kavanaugh, bringing banners, loudspeakers, and demands for his resignation to the right-wing justice's Washington, D.C.-area home.

The event was organized by ShutDownDC, which said that between 50 and 70 people took part. Photos showed protesters holding signs with messages including "Repro Freedom for All," "Kavanaugh resign," and "Safe abortion is a human right."

Among those demonstrating was 18-year-old Sophia Geiger. "I believe that currently the Supreme Court is infringing on our rights and Brett Kavanaugh is a big part of that," she toldAgence France-Presse.

That was the central message organizers detailed in a description for the Chevy Chase, Md. event.

"Make no mistake," said ShutDownDC, "what's happening to reproductive justice and abortion rights is far bigger than one person. But Kavanaugh is playing a key role, and so far he's been protected from any backlash. No more."

The protest came amid an "unprecedented" attack by Republican lawmakers on abortion rights this year and followed the U.S. Supreme Court's recent failure to block Texas' six week abortion ban--a law that, according to Nancy Northup, president and CEO of the Center for Reproductive Rights, "blatantly violates Roe v. Wade."

Kavanaugh joined the other right-wing justices, Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch, Samuel Alito, and Clarence Thomas, in the 5-4 decision regarding Texas' law.

ShutDownDC said that it "will not stand idly by as the Supreme Court is complicit in allowing the state of Texas to chip away at the right of its residents to obtain safe, legal abortions," framing attacks on abortion rights as "attacks on economic, racial, and healthcare justice."

The urgency to act in the wake of the Supreme Court's decision this month is clear, says Hope Neyer with ShutDownDC.

Neyer told Common Dreams that "keeping pressure on anti-choicers is crucial because abortion is normal, essential healthcare, and we cannot allow them to dominate the narrative any longer."

"Their machine of disinformation, shame, and hatred is formidable, but we are stronger," she said.

"We will continue to organize and build the power in our communities to take meaningful control of our reproductive futures," Neyer added. "It is only a matter of time."

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