Nearing 100 Days In, Trump is Least Popular President in Modern History

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Nearing 100 Days In, Trump is Least Popular President in Modern History

President Donald Trump's approval rating is the lowest of any new president since Harry S. Truman

President Donald Trump continues to face dismal approval ratings, with two new polls out Sunday showing that Trump is the least popular president in modern history.

A NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll recorded a 40 percent approval rating, and a Washington Post-ABC News poll saw 42 percent approval. Other surveys have previously put his approval rating as low as 37 percent.

Compared to other modern U.S. presidents at this stage in their tenure, Trump is the least popular president since Truman:

Poll shows that Trump is the least popular president since Truman

Nearly 100 days in, Trump has failed to follow through on any of his major campaign promises. His efforts to pass a cruel healthcare reform bill failed when the Republicans split over its terms, and his multiple attempts to pass an executive order barring immigrants from some Muslim-majority countries were blocked multiple times by the courts.

Despite those failures, however, Trump has managed to retain strong approval ratings among his base, both polls show. He has, however, not made any inroads beyond his core supporters, the Washington Post points out.

"The 100-day marker is in part an artificial measuring post for any president, but by comparison, Trump has reached this point in his presidency faring worse to much worse than other recent presidents. An electorate that was deeply divided throughout the 2016 campaign remains so today, with opposition seemingly hardened and unyielding on most questions regarding his presidency," the Post observes.

Interestingly, the Washington Post-ABC News poll also shows that respondents believe both major parties are out of touch with the concerns of Americans today. The NBC News-Wall Street Journal poll also found that a record number of respondents believe that the government should "do more" to help people, and not rely on private corporations and individuals:

Such findings add weight to other recent polling showing that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who has spent his career fighting for the government to do more to help people, remains the most popular politician in the U.S. today.

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