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Ukraine: What We've Learned

"We're not doing enough to combat climate change. Russia has launched World War III. And Republicans have lost their minds."

Bob Burnett ·

UN Chief Slams Fossil Fuel Sector for Trying to Use Ukraine War to 'Lock in a High Carbon Future'

"A shift to renewables is crucial to mending our broken global energy mix and offering hope to millions suffering climate impacts today," said António Guterres.

Jessica Corbett ·

It's Taking Nine Years to Replace Underground Jet Fuel Tanks in Washington State—Red Hill Can't Wait That Long

Citizen pressure is critical to keep DOD's feet to the fire to defuel the Red Hill tanks before another catastrophic fuel leak occurs here on O'ahu.

Ann Wright ·

Nuclear Critics Cry Foul as Newsom Reconsiders Diablo Canyon Closure

"Diablo Canyon exists without the consent of the community that bears disaster risks and the burden of the nuclear waste that will remain on the seismically risky site for the foreseeable future," said one anti-nuclear group.

Julia Conley ·

New Climate Doc Premieres on Netflix as Youth Await Major Court Decision

"The question now is whether the Biden administration will keep fighting tooth and nail to keep them silenced, and whether our courts will stand up for their constitutional rights," said one attorney.

Jessica Corbett ·

Pacific Elders Say US-China Military Tensions Secondary to Rising Seas

"The primary security threat to the Pacific is climate change," stressed former leaders of Pacific Island nations.

Brett Wilkins ·

Study Warns Only 'Rapid Action' Can Prevent Worst Marine Extinction in 250 Million Years

"Reversing greenhouse gas emissions trends would diminish extinction risks by more than 70%," researchers found.

Jake Johnson ·

We Cannot Adequately Resist Without Reimagining the World We Want

We need change-making—both big and small—around the world, that challenges the structural causes of militarism, corrupt capitalism, and climate catastrophe, while at the same time, concretely creating an alternative system based on a just and sustainable peace.

Greta Zarro ·

New Report Details Fracking's 'Widespread and Severe Harm' to Health and Climate

"From a public health perspective and a climate perspective, stopping fracking is imperative."

Brett Wilkins ·

Climate Emergency Could Cause Wildlife Relocations That Spark Next Pandemic

"This is happening, it's not preventable even in the best case climate change scenarios, and we need to put measures in place to build health infrastructure to protect animal and human populations," said the co-author of a new study.

Jessica Corbett ·

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