Eileen Appelbaum

Dr. Eileen Appelbaum previously served as director of the Rutgers Center for Women and Work. Prior to taking over the Center at Rutgers she was the research director at the Economic Policy Institute. She previously had been a professor of economics at Temple University.

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Roads, bridges, and pipelines will be constructed without the necessary protections for clean air, clean water, and the environment. (Photo: jasonwoodhead23/Flickr/cc) Views
Friday, February 16, 2018
Trump’s Plan Won’t Solve the Problems of America’s Crumbling Infrastructure
In his January State of the Union address, President Trump called for $1.5 trillion in infrastructure spending over the next decade. If that amount materialized, it could go a long way toward meeting the nation’s infrastructure needs. But the release on February 12 of his detailed plan for raising...
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Friday, July 19, 2013
The Women’s Economic Agenda: A Path to Increased Opportunity and Stronger Economic Growth
Corporate profits have done well in the lopsided recovery and the stock market is hovering near record highs. Working women and men have been left behind, however, as companies have failed to translate these improvements into robust job growth, rising wages or improvements in the quality of jobs.
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