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Jeff Hauser

Jeff Hauser is the founder and director of the Revolving Door Project, which scrutinizes executive branch appointees to ensure they use their office to serve the broad public interest.

Articles by this author


A Message to Democrats Ahead of 2022: Make Corporations Your Enemies

America is in a populist moment. If Democrats won’t harness that then the right-wing will, substituting their bigoted fantasies for the actual forces which make life worse for Americans.

Jeff Hauser ·

On the TRIPS Waiver, Personnel Was, and Will Continue to Be, Policy

Biden must pick leaders who capitalize on this political opportunity rather than undermining it.

Jeff Hauser ·

Impeaching Trump Is Only the Beginning

Biden must rid the government of Trump holdovers wherever possible and reverse Trump’s attacks as quickly as possible.

Jeff Hauser ·

Trump May Be Leaving But The Damage He Caused Isn’t Going Anywhere

A Christmas poem and a plea for congressional oversight in the New Year.

Jeff Hauser ·

Biden’s Treasury Could Fight Climate Change, But Would Lael Brainard’s?

Biden’s choice for Treasury Secretary is arguably among his most important climate policy decisions.

Timi Iwayemi ·

Trump Stimulus Plan: Still Getting Everything Wrong

The president appears not to know what he's doing.

Eileen Appelbaum ·

Who Exactly Are Joe Biden's Wealthy, Well-Connected Bundlers?

The former Vice President's anti-transparency stance is definitely more concerning in light of his apparent fundraising desperation.

Jeff Hauser ·

Why Are House Democrats Afraid to Wield Their Subpoena Power?

Make no mistake: Democratic cowardice toward oversight has real, "kitchen-table" consequences for voters.

Jeff Hauser ·

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