United Kingdom

Sarah Lazare, staff writer
An MQ-9 Reaper drone. (Photo: USAF/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson/public domain)
British pilots have been secretly carrying out airstrikes in Syria, despite the government's own pledge to hold a vote in parliament before launching bombardments in the country, the London-based human rights organization Reprieve discovered through a freedom of information request revealed Friday. In the initial request, Reprieve asked the...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
"We cannot meet our climate change targets and build new runways at the same time," says Plane Stupid. (Photo: Plane Stupid)
Climate justice campaigners—including one dressed as a polar bear—chained...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
With TTIP negotiations set to continue in July, doctors in the United Kingdom have vowed to fight the deal. (Photo: Alex Proimos/cc/flickr)
Doctors in the United Kingdom are warning that passage of the Transatlantic...


A supermarket giant in the U.K. has removed metal spikes outside stores to deter rough sleepers and other "anti-social" elements after people protested that the latest in "defensive urban architecture" treats the homeless as pigeons, rats or other unwashed, unwanted, shoo-go-away vermin. Left Unity argues there are 700,000 empty homes in the country, and no good reasons for anyone to be homeless.