Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Observers charge that the "Revictimization Relief Act" will both muzzle prisoners as well as criminalize those media outlets who help to disseminate their voices. (Photo: Joe Piette via Philly IAC)
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett on Tuesday signed into law a prisoner gag order that rights groups say is an affront to the First Amendment and a denial of all citizens' right to understand "an area of U.S. life physically removed from public scrutiny." Passed by the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on October 15 and the Senate a day later...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
The lethal injection room at San Quentin State Prison. (Photo: CA Dept of Corrections/Public Domain)
The family of Clayton Lockett, an Oklahoma death row inmate who in April was...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
California's Corcoran State Prison. (Photo: Steve Rhodes/cc/flickr)
Just a month ahead of the November polls, a California measure to reduce prison...