Moral Monday

Lauren McCauley, staff writer
N.C. House Speaker Tim Moore surrounded by other members of North Carolina's Republican-led General Assembly. (Photo: Raleigh News & Observer)
In what is being described as "an unprecedented, shameful, and cowardly power grab," members of North Carolina's Republican-led General Assembly late Wednesday took advantage of a special session called ostensibly to help victims of recent flooding and forest fires to file dozens of bills aimed at crippling incoming Democratic Governor Roy Cooper...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
 Hundreds gathered in a candlelight vigil outside the North Carolina Capitol building Monday evening calling on Governor Pat McCroary to accept defeat. (Photo: Priya/Twitter)
Vowing mass civil disobedience if North Carolina's Republican governor attempts...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"A living wage is a human right," protesters declare as they prepare to march on the capital in Richmond, Virginia as part of a national day of action. (Photo: Raise Up for $15/Twitter)
Demanding that elected officials and candidates for office embrace morally just...