Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Set up has begun for the 2016 Republican National Convention which will be held in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18-21. (Screenshot: Fox News)
Draft platform includes language that disavows the rights of women, same-sex couples, trans people, Palestinians, immigrants, and more.
Nika Knight, staff writer
When contentious Democratic Party platform negotiations finally came to a close...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
"It is clear that the regulations do not refer to just any stone throwers but that they were written specifically regarding Palestinian youths," said Adalah attorney Mohammad Bassam. (Photo: Reuters)
Israeli police are officially permitted to use deadly force against stone-...


Praising Israel's security as "the best" in counterterrorism, a group of U.S. police officials just returned from studying Israeli occupation-style policing - with its military gear, tactics and mindset - in hopes of emulating their expertise in racial profiling, excessive force, mass incarceration and other rights abuses in their own communities of color. From one lucid observer, "They're learning how to suppress a people, deny their rights and use force to hold down a subject population."