Lauren McCauley, staff writer
On Sunday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haideral-Abadi announced the start of a ground offensive on western Mosul, "where Islamic State militants are under siege along with an estimated 650,000 civilians," Reuters observed. (Photo: US Army/cc/flickr)
One thing, it seems, that will not change under President Donald Trump is the United States military's occupation of Iraq after Defense Secretary James Mattis said Monday that he believed "we'll be in this fight for a while." During his presidential campaign, Trump claimed that he had opposed the Iraq invasion from the start and boasted repeatedly...
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Protesters at Philadelphia International Airport on Sunday denounced President Donald Trump's executive order banning people born in several Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. (Photo: @brandybones/Twitter)
Amid international outcry over U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Update: President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed an executive order that...


Amidst the saber-rattling on Iraq, a fine, furious, gut-wrenching rant from a former Naval intelligence officer who was there from the start on the mindless claim by a draft-dodging Mitt Romney and all the other "simpering capering madmen" and "cowardly connected wealthy weasels" that "tragically, all we've fought on the cusp of vanishing." Tell us, rages Jim Wright, what "we" fought for, and what it would cost to, insanely, do it again.