Hillary Clinton

Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Feb. 6, 2016. (Photo: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg)
Hillary Clinton is under fire for defending the millions of dollars she has collected from Wall Street and other monied interests, as critics charge that her rationalization of those contributions ignores the dangers of a pay-for-play political system and amounts to an acceptance—if not a "tacit embrace"—of the role of money in politics. Since...
Lee Fang, The Intercept
Hillary Clinton defends Obamacare during the 3rd Democratic debate. (Photo: AP)
Hillary Clinton is campaigning as a guardian of President Barack Obama’s...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
Bernie Sanders is not only ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, where the...


The drama in Iowa gave us so much: The spectacle of a surge for the messiah-minded, what-separation-of-church-and-state Cruz and his religious right "skin-crawlingly creepy" supporters; the archetypal "wake-up call" for a smug Democratic party that proved woefully out of touch with the change so many voters want; and this fabulous photo of gleeful hard-won triumph. Wheel's still in spin.