Jon Queally, staff writer
Update (2:43 PM EST) : Assange elaborates on plans; Predicts changes to UK law will precipitate departure from embassy Subsequent to a morning press conference in London (see below), Wikileak's founder Julian Assange expanded on his plans for leaving the Ecuadorian Embassy in a discussion with Australia-based Fairfax Media saying that “a range of...
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
In a move condemned as paving the way for an environmental disaster, the...


Along with protests at Chevron's annual shareholder meeting focused on the oil giant's ongoing devastation of the Ecuadoran Amazon and its nasty fight to avoid accountability, a new #AskChevron Twitter campaign asks vital questions like, "Do you have any remorse about poisoning the Amazon?" and "Are you the devil?" Brought to you by Toxic Effect.

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