Lauren McCauley, staff writer
While the Obama administration refuses to prosecute torture perpetrators, Republican candidates are vowing the continue these techniques. (Image via Senate Intelligence Committee)
In the one year since the Senate Intelligence Committee released its account of the Central Intelligence Agency's brutal torture regime, the perpetrators have gone unpunished and the report remains unread, while—at least for some presidential candidates—torture still remains a topic for discussion. On December 9, 2014, the 525-page executive...
Sarah Lazare, staff writer
With just a year left in office, President Barack Obama must launch a full...
Nadia Prupis, staff writer
University of Washington police are investigating a break-in at the school's...


Because no one has yet been held accountable for U.S. torture practices widely deemed "sadistic and terrifying," two open-government and FOIA activists are suing the CIA for its continued secrecy about its alleged secret surveillance of Senate lawmakers secretly investigating secret Bush-era torture. Welcome to the most transparent - and Kafkaesque - administration in history.