Herschel Walker supporters hold sign during rally for US Republican candidate in Georgia

Attendees listen as Georgia Republican Senatorial candidate Herschel Walker speaks at a campaign event on October 11, 2022 in Carrollton, Georgia. Walker is running for election against Senator Rev. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.). (Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)

If Abortion Is Murder, Then It Looks Like Herschel Walker Is a Murderer

If Walker urged the mother of one of his children to have an abortion and paid for it, and if you believe that abortion is murder, then Walker is a murderer. It's pretty simple.

To my Christian friends in the state of Georgia: Do you believe that an unborn fetus is a human being? If you do, then abortion is murder.

This is the sincerely held belief of many Georgians and other Americans.

Focus on The Family, a global Christian ministry has said that an "overwhelming amount of scientific, religious and ethical evidence points to personhood before birth, which would then classify abortion as the premeditative taking of a person's life, or murder." The Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore has said "No matter how one looks at it, abortion is murder."

If you agree, I respect the sincerity of your beliefs. But I ask you to be consistent in your beliefs, too. If abortion is murder, then urging a partner to have an abortion and paying for the abortion is also murder.

And that's exactly what it looks like Hershel Walker did. The mother of one of his children has said that Walker encouraged her to abort another child and paid for the abortion. To prove this, she has provided a receipt from the clinic who performed the abortion, a check from Walker to her from the same period covering the cost, and a get well card. That would make Walker a murderer.

Walker has called the woman a liar. He first denied that he knew her at all. Later, when shown the check and receipt, he acknowledged knowing her and that she was the mother of one of his children but denied that the check was to pay for the abortion.

In your heart of hearts, do you really believe Walker and think the mother of one of his children lied?

Walker has lied about many other things:

  • That he graduated in the top 1% of his class at the University of Georgia, when he never actually graduated.
  • That he donated millions of dollars to several charities, which those charities have no record of and say were never donated.
  • That he worked as a police officer in Cobb County and was an FBI agent. Cobb County stated there were no records of him working for the Police Department and all he ever did for the FBI was teach a short "women's defense" training. That's hardly being a law enforcement officer, as Walker had falsely claimed.
  • That he owned the largest upholstery business in the country, when he has never owned any upholstery business.

If Walker urged the mother of one of his children to have an abortion and paid for it, and if you believe that abortion is murder, then Walker is a murderer.

Even if you're a Republican and anticipate that if elected to the U.S. Senate, Walker will vote the straight Republican line, how can you justify electing a murderer to the U.S. Senate--the so-called "greatest deliberative body on earth"?

If you can't bring yourself to vote for any Democrat, even a Baptist pastor like Rev. Raphael Warnock, then don't. Leave the line for U.S. Senate blank on your ballot, or write in someone else.

But how, in good conscience, can you vote for a murderer?

P.S. If you have friends or family who can vote in Georgia, please forward, Tweet or Facebook this article to them.

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