How Bernie Sanders Has Built A Multi-Racial Anti-Austerity Campaign

Bernie Sanders Rally at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, Texas on Saturday, February 27, 2016. (Photo: Steve Rainwater on Flickr)

How Bernie Sanders Has Built A Multi-Racial Anti-Austerity Campaign

Bernie Sanders won a huge upset in Michigan last week. It helped position him to potentially win some of the states with primaries this week, particularly Ohio, Missouri, and even Illinois. Results also showed that he had convinced a higher percentage of black voters to vote for him than in previous states. It showed the multi-racial coalition of people, who are supporting his campaign.

All too often, the establishment media, especially those with open bias toward supporting Hillary Clinton, promote the idea that the Sanders campaign is just a campaign for angry white men. The establishment media position it as a left-wing polar opposite of Donald Trump's presidential campaign. This terrible equivalency is not only misguided and flawed, but it outright erases the extent to which the campaign has been able to make inroads with black millennials, black labor, black intellectuals, black cultural producers, and other parts of the black left.

What the Sanders campaign has been building is a powerful campaign for economic justice and human rights for poor and lower class Americans, which crosses all demographics particularly among young people. The mobilization of people around his campaign has the potential to be one of the greatest forces for countering the racist presidential campaign of Trump, as it interlocks with grassroots organizations which plan protests at his campaign rally, like what happened in Chicago.

Donna Murch, an associate professor at Rutgers University, is our guest on the "Unauthorized Disclosure" weekly podcast radio show this week. She reacts to activists who shut down Donald Trump's rally in Chicago. She responds to Hillary Clinton's statement on what happened, and how it relied upon coded language. We highlight the Clintons' records with African Americans.

The discussion expands into a full assessment of the successes and struggles, which Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign has had with black voters. Particular attention is paid to the patronage networks, which greatly benefit the Clintons. Also, we talk about the oft-raised question of whether Sanders knows how to talk to black voters as well as what it means to be mounting an insurgent campaign from within the Democratic Party.

Read (and listen) to the full discussion at Shadowproof.

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