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'No O!': A Twitter Recap

"Romney is channeling the look and sound of Reagan. Obama is giving a professor's lecture. Note to O: Don't wait til later to throw a punch."

"Is Bill Clinton coming in to sub for the next quarter? O! Wake up! Attack! That is not john McCain over on that podium!"

"RT ‏@GonzoKitchen @MMFlint no, you're right, One of the guys on that stage is acting presidential.. the other one, is a president.. weird."

"Mr Prez, try this: "U wanna talk entitlements? It's the rich who feel entitled. Just 400 of 'em have more $$ than 160M Americans combined!""

"No O! We r not in this dilemma because of "reckless behavior across the board." It was the reckless behavior of a frat boy w/ a credit card"

"Jim Lehrer structuring debate around the Republican lingo and agenda - "deficit" and "entitlements." Two whole segments already on these!"

"Hey Lehrer, the man from Bain Capital just said he was going to fire you and all of PBS! Get your man thing on and take down his sorry ass!"

"Obama please be Obama! You sound like a Democrat (wimpy)."

"PBO - lemme get this straight. You can send in drones that kill civilians, but you can't stop Romney or Lehrer from interrupting you?"

"RT @CharlesMBlow: Are the real moderators on strike? #Debates"

"This is what happens when u pick John Kerry as your debate coach."

"I just don't know what to say. Romney changed stripes again tonite, spoke many untruths and like a thief stole the night."

"What's that silence I hear? No one throwing a party? No one saying this election is a slam dunk for Obama? What happened to the victory lap?"

"'President Romney?' Anybody worried now? Get it the F together, Team Obama. And the rest of us? What are WE doing tomorrow?"

"He couldn't say ANY of these words: "47%" "BainCapital" "FlipFlop" "Bush" "Detroit" "Women(&women's issues)" Fire all debate consultants now"

"Ok, here's my optimistic tweet: Romney didn't convince a single Obama voter to change their vote. But O needed to fire up the base. Not done"

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