Treasury Makes A Mistake - Claiming They Are Not Blocking Elizabeth Warren

It's one thing to block Elizabeth Warren from heading the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

It's quite another thing to deny in public, for the record, that any such blocking is going on (e.g., see this report; Michael Barr apparently said something quite similar today).

There is a strong groundswell of opinion on this issue from the left - see the BoldProgressives petition.
But the center also feels strongly that, given everything Treasury has
said and done over the past few months, it would be a complete travesty
not to put the strongest possible regulator in change of protecting
consumers. (See Ted Kaufman on the NYT's DealBook, giving appropriate credit to the SEC, and apply the same points to broader customer issues going forward.)

This can now go only one of two ways.

  1. Elizabeth Warren gets the job. Bridges are mended and the White
    House regains some political capital. Secretary Geithner is weakened
    slightly but he'll recover.
  2. Someone else gets the job, despite Treasury's claims that Elizabeth
    Warren was not blocked. The deception in this scenario would be
    nauseating - and completely blatant. "Everyone was considered on their
    merits" and "the best candidate won" will convince who exactly?

Despite the growing public reaction, outcome #2 is the most likely
and the White House needs to understand this, plain and clear - there
will be complete and utter revulsion at its handling of financial
regulatory reform both on this specific issue and much more broadly.
The administration's position in this area is already weak, its
achievements remain minimal, its speaking points are lame, and the
patience of even well-inclined people is wearing thin.

Failing to appoint Elizabeth Warren would be the straw that breaks
the camel's back. It will go down in the history books as a turning
point - downwards - for this administration.

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