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Key US Ally Indicted for Organ Trade Murder Scheme

As the web of lies spun by Clinton and Albright has unraveled, and the truth behind their lies has spilled out piece by bloody piece, the war on Yugoslavia has emerged as a case study in how U.S. leaders mislead us into war.
Nicolas J.S. Davies ·

Tortured by CIA and Detained at Gitmo Without Trial, Ahmed Rabbani Gives Haunting Review of 'The Report'—a New Film He'll Likely Never See

"If we do not learn from history we will be doomed to repeat our mistakes—and I would hate for anyone else to endure what I have had to endure."

Jessica Corbett ·

The Far Right's War on the World

It's time to flip the script. We are indeed in the fight of our lives.

John Feffer ·

After US Senator Asks Public to 'Imagine' CIA Interfering in Foreign Elections, Historians Are Like... Uhhh

Australia, of course, is not the only country whose politics the U.S. has meddled in since the creation of the C.I.A. in 1947.

Eoin Higgins ·

Politics as Usual and Planetary Destruction

Fire and flood: What it means to be "great" on a planet going down

David Bromwich ·

The Cult of Trump

Only when we recognize Trump as a cult leader, and many of those who support him as cult followers, will we understand where we are headed and how we must resist

Chris Hedges ·

The American Cult of Bombing and Endless War

The very Dark Side of US air power

William Astore ·

The Mass Media Is Poisoning Us With Hate

The shaping of the public into antagonistic tribes works commercially. It works politically. But it is a recipe for social disintegration.

Chris Hedges ·

Vietnam to Venezuela: US Interventionism and the Failure of the Left

The modern U.S. empire has run roughshod over the interests and desires of foreign nations and their people for more than a century, but that history should call for pause as the bipartisan interventionist consensus gears up once again, this time in an effort to topple the legitimately elected government of Venezuela

Adolph Reed Jr. ·

War and Peace and the 2020 Presidential Candidates

While we can't guarantee that candidates will stick to their campaign promises, we still must ask this vital question: What prospects for peace might each of them bring to the White House?

Medea Benjamin ·

Killing for Credibility: A Look Back at the 1999 NATO Air War on Serbia

Twenty years later, Operation Allied force has been all but forgotten in the United States. It should not be.

Brett Wilkins ·

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