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Blissful George W. Bush Celebrates Birthday with No War Crime Reckoning

Lauren McCauley, staff writer
A photograph posted on George W. Bush's Instagram account on Wednesday with the caption: "Chris Self, gentleman-soldier, showing respect for his elders in black tie. #43turns70." (Photo: georgewbush/Instagram)

While the Chilcot Inquiry has spurred renewed calls for former Prime Minister Tony Blair's impeachment, the American leader continues to evade accountability


For No Positive End: By Their Own Words

For No Positive End: By Their Own Words
After seven years and 2.6 million words, the U.K's blistering Chilcot Report lays the blame for the bloody debacle of the Iraq War where it belongs - on the deceitful, arrogant, morally bankrupt heads of Blair and Bush. As pols and pundits dissect the report's implications, it's illuminating, if infuriating, to revisit the shameless lies of the warmongers, and then hear from only their too-plentiful victims the ungodly truth of what they Read More...