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Stephen Harper

Let’s Not Be Duped Again By Deficit Hawks Peddling Austerity

We could actually be on our way to a very different and promising future. But, count on it, the deficit hawks will soon be circling menacingly overhead, hell-bent on preventing any diversion from the austerity they’ve confined us to for decades.
Linda McQuaig ·

After the Election, The Hard work of Building Change Continues

On media, faith, and talking politics with friends and family in the post-Harper era

Leo Yu ·

Canadians Greet Trudeau with Demand: 'Walk Your Talk on Climate Change'

'The burden of changing Canada’s direction on climate ahead of these crucial negotiations lands squarely on the shoulders of the Prime Minister,' say #ClimateWelcome organizers

Deirdre Fulton ·

Trudeau's Cabinet "Looks Like Canada"—Will it Deliver on Promises?

'The Trudeau government must now uphold the Liberal Party’s electoral promises to reverse the damage of the Harper era policies,' says Greenpeace Canada

Deirdre Fulton ·

Anti-Climate World Leaders Keep Losing Their Jobs

Canada's Stephen Harper is out, clearing a roadblock for the Paris talks

Rebecca Leber ·

Campaigners Bid Harper Adieu While Vowing to Hold Liberals Accountable

Yes, Trudeau's sweeping win was a repudiation of "negative, divisive politics" in favor of "a positive vision that brings Canadians together"—but the new prime minister still has much to prove.

Deirdre Fulton ·

With Message of 'Hope,' Liberal Party Sweeps Canadian Election

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau vows to "be the prime minister of all Canadians."

Lauren McCauley ·

Will Voters Turn Out for Political and Climate Revolution in Canada?

"Another term of Harper’s Conservatives is a guarantee that Canada’s pattern of climate vandalism will pass the point of no return.'

Lauren McCauley ·

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