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Sanders, Top Dems Optimistic Party Will 'Come Together' for Reconciliation Package

However, House leaders warn they may miss a September 27 deadline to consider Senate-approved infrastructure legislation that progressives will only support alongside a $3.5 trillion bill.

Jessica Corbett ·

The Real Criminals General Milley Exposed? Every Republican in the US Senate

If the GOP had the courage of the Senate Republicans in 1974, Milley never would have been in a position to worry that an American president might start a nuclear war just to hang on to power.

Thom Hartmann ·

'Call Them Now': Ire Aimed at 3 Democrats Endangering Plan to Lower Drug Prices

"Any politician standing in the way of lower drug prices is on a short path to losing their job."

Jake Johnson ·

Americans Are Sleepwalking Into Completion of Trump's Unfinished Coup

As the former president continues to stoke his base with his big lie that the election was stolen, GOP lawmakers are adding fuel to the fire, pushing more Americans into Trump’s paranoid nightmare.

Robert Reich ·

'They're Going to Lose,' Says Sanders as Corporations Mobilize Against $3.5T Bill

"I've got a message for the healthcare industry: Your days of writing legislation are over."

Jake Johnson ·

Pelosi Runs Over Right-Wing Dems as House Approves $3.5 Trillion Budget Blueprint

Progressives say their position has not changed: bold reconciliation package comes first and then watered-down bipartisan infrastructure plan.

Jessica Corbett ·

Right-Wing Dems Begin to Cave as Progressives Hold Their Ground on Reconciliation Vote

"No bipartisan infrastructure bill without the reconciliation bill. They go together."

Jake Johnson ·

'No Time for Amateur Hour': Pelosi Signals Plan to Steamroll Right-Wing Dems

"This is exactly right. Glad to see it," said one progressive activist.

Jake Johnson ·

Without Single GOP Vote, Senate Approves $3.5 Trillion Budget Blueprint

Sen. Bernie Sanders slammed Republicans for complaining about Democrats' use of budget reconciliation, noting that the GOP recently used the same process to force through massive tax cuts for the rich.

Jake Johnson ·

'Our Caucus Is Clear': House Progressives Say No Bipartisan Deal Without Reconciliation Bill

"The bipartisan bill will only be passed if a package of social, human, and climate infrastructure—reflecting long-standing Democratic priorities—is passed simultaneously through budget reconciliation."

Jake Johnson ·

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