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'Normal' is killing us.

Donald Trump is out of the White House. COVID-19 is fading, at least in wealthier nations. The world, they say, is returning to “normal.” That’s the narrative that the corporate media is selling. But there’s a problem: “normal” is destroying our planet, threatening our democracies, concentrating massive wealth in a tiny elite, and leaving billions of people without access to life-saving vaccines amid a deadly pandemic. Here at Common Dreams, we refuse to accept any of this as “normal.” Common Dreams just launched our Mid-Year Campaign to make sure we have the funding we need to keep the progressive, independent journalism of Common Dreams alive. Whatever you can afford—no amount is too large or too small—please donate today to support our nonprofit, people-powered journalism and help us meet our goal.

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Paul Ryan

From Paul Ryan to Nikki Haley: GOP Nightmare of Senate Budget Chair Bernie Sanders About to Come True

"When Republicans controlled the Senate they used the reconciliation process to provide huge tax breaks for the rich and large corporations," said Sanders on Saturday. "We're going to use reconciliation to protect working families, the sick and the poor."
Jon Queally, staff writer ·

Paul Ryan Only Ever Cared About the Rich

The outgoing House speaker was once celebrated as a 'serious' wonk. Now it's clear his politics are just as cruel as Trump's

Negin Owliaei ·

As Tax Scam Turns One, Critics Say Law Is 'One of the Biggest Transfers of Wealth to Richest 1% in US History'

"A year later, we can safely say that Republicans' tax overhaul was a huge payoff to donors, and a scam for average Americans."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

On Tax Scam Anniversary, Paul Ryan Promotes Documentary Hailing His Crowning Achievement: 'Handing Rich People Truckloads of Money'

"Imagine what kind of person's childhood dreams involve giving massive tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

After Enabling Trump's Anti-Immigration Policies, Paul Ryan Makes Exception for Immigrants From His Own Homeland

The House Speaker, who has said he hopes to become a U.S. ambassador to Ireland one day, pushed through a bill to give work visas to Irish nationals

Julia Conley, staff writer ·

After Senate's Passage of War Powers Resolution, Sanders Tees Up Pressure on House to End US Involvement in Yemen

"My hope is that if we can put enough pressure on Paul Ryan and the Republicans in Congress, something can change," Vermont senator says

Andrea Germanos, staff writer ·

Paul Ryan Was Always More Political Hack Than Policy Genius

Ryan has presented himself as a serious policy wonk and a devoted disciple of Reaganomics—but he rolled over for Trump, allowing and protecting abuses of office in order to get his treasured tax cut package

Neil J. Young ·

Not Buying Paul Ryan and Trump's Lies, Poll Shows 52% of Republicans Support Medicare for All

"The majority of Republicans want Medicare for All. Paul Ryan is nervous."

Jake Johnson, staff writer ·

Poverty Is Over! So Why Are Republicans So Quiet About Their Chief Economic Accomplishment?

They told us they did it not for the rich, but to help middle-class and poor families. But here we are in the thick of the 2018 congressional elections, and — shhhhh — silence. Not a single lawmaker who voted for this grand ideological promise is mentioning it, much less running ads touting their role in hammering the plan into law.

Jim Hightower ·

Check Your Wallet: Can You Find the $4,000 Trump Promised You?

The GOP tax cuts have also added almost $2 trillion to the deficit. Now Republicans are trying to cover the hole they created by cutting critical public services that are important to working families.

Frank Clemente ·