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The Real Purpose of Austerity

Even if everyone agreed that printing another trillion dollars to finance a basic income for the poor would boost neither inflation nor interest rates, the rich and powerful would still oppose it. After all, their most important interest is not to conserve economic potential, but to preserve the power of the few to compel the many.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

Just How Bold Is President Biden's Tax-the-Rich Plan?

A little history can help us with the answer.

Sam Pizzigati ·

Time to Choose: Democracy or Authoritariansim

Senate Democrats have the power to end the filibuster and thereby allow the For the People Act to become law. It’s time for Democrats to unite on this, without hesitation.

Robert Reich ·

Putting Liberal Democracy First Has Never Been More Important

It is hard to see how our current injustices can be repaired without working through and then "democratizing" these liberal democratic institutions.

Jeffrey C. Isaac ·

When It Comes To Free-Market Capitalism, Fans Draw the Line at Football

Last week, Europeans showed the red card to the moguls—and their financiers—who tried to form a Super League of the continent's top 15 football clubs. Now that Europeans discovered their moral Rubicon, the time may have come for a broader rethink of who owns what.

Yanis Varoufakis ·

A Former Lobbyist Explains How the Privatization Movement Is Trying to End Public Education

They all have the same purpose: To undo public education—not only the institution but also the public funding of schools.

Valerie Strauss ·

The Collapse of the American Empire

U.S. leadership has stumbled from one military debacle to another, a trajectory mirroring the sad finales of other historical imperial powers.

Chris Hedges ·

A Third of U.S. Billionaire Wealth Gains Since 1990 Have Come During Pandemic

U.S. billionaire pandemic profit balloons to $4.56 trillion, a 55 percent increase.

Chuck Collins ·

The Republican Party Must Be Purged Like the Nazis and Fascists

It must not be allowed, like the Confederacy was, to live on with its own "lost cause" BS mythology.

Thom Hartmann ·

Corporate Media Offers Wall-to-Wall Propaganda Every Day. We Only Notice When a Royal Dies

In normal times the propaganda is better masked, wrapped in the illusion of choice and variety.

Jonathan Cook ·

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